Fundraising Tips

How to raise $500 in 5 days:

  • Day 1: Count the $25 registration fee
  • Day 2: Ask 2 family members to match your contribution of $25- Grand Total $75
  • Day 3: Ask 2 of your close friends to sponsor you at $75- Grand Total $225
  • Day 4: Ask your employer for a $225 company contribution to match- Grand Total: $450 
  • Day 5: Ask 2 local friends to sponsor you at $25- Grand Total: $500 

Other people to ask: out of town friends, businesses you frequent, co-workers, neighbors, people from your social circle.    

How should I ask people to donate?                                                                                           

  • Social Media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn- is a great way to self promote and connect with people you would normally not be in regular contact with. Post information about why you are participating in Rappel for Rippleffect and include a link to your fundraising page asking for donations.
  • Email- Send an email to all of your contacts. This can be really effective at letting people know how serious you are about reaching your goal. You can easily do so by including a link to the site that will allow them to donate online.
  • Check out the "What is Rippleffect" section for Rippleffect information you can use when asking for donations!

Consider doubling the fun of your experience by challenging a friend or colleague to step Over the Edge with you! You can even schedule your rappel times together on our side by side ropes. 

Helpful Hints:                                                                                            

  • Always follow up! People will appreciate the reminder. Include fun facts and an update on how close you are to reaching your goal.
  • Send a thank you note, letter, or message to your donors.
  • Add the event logo to your email signature. Include a hyperlink to your personal fundraising website and encourage everyone to visit it and support your efforts.
  • Ask your supporters about the possibility of matching funds from their employers.                                                                                                                                    

How do I raise enough money to go Over The Edge?

  • Online: You can collect “online” credit card donations by sending your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page.
  • Collect cash/check donations: You can also collect cash and check donations.. “Offline” donors should include your name in the memo line of checks, and checks should be made out to Rippleffect. We will enter these donations manually to your online account to accurately reflect the amount raised.
  • Have check donations mailed: Cash and check donations can be mailed to Rippleffect up to 14 days before event day. We don’t encourage you to mail cash -- either drop it by our office, get a cashier’s check to mail, or turn it in on event day.

Before you know it, your friends, family and contacts will have helped you reach your fundraising goal and you’ll be rappelling down the side of a building!

All donations should be sent to the Rippleffect office at: Rippleffect P.O. Box 441 / Portland, Maine 04112

Are donations tax deductible? Yes, online contributions and checks are tax deductible. Receipts will be issued to your donors This receipt can be used as support for a tax deduction.

What happens if I fall short of raising the $500 minimum? Minimum Fundraising Clause: Because this is an exclusive event with limited rappelling spot, each individual participant must reach the minimum $500 to go Over the Edge. If the minimum is not reached by 14 days prior to event day, to secure your spot on the rope you must provide a credit card that will be charged the remaining balance if minimum is not achieved by event day. Each participant will have up to 30 days post event to reach the minimum $500 and the credit card charge (if applicable) will be refunded.