Event Day Details

Registration will be located at One Canal Plaza. At registration, rappellers will:

  • Sign in
  • Receive a name tag (put on shoulder)
  • Receive their Rappel For Ripple T-Shirt
  • Complete both the Rippleffect Waiver & the Over The Edge Waiver (OTE Waiver turned in at Staging)

After Registration:

  • Rappellers will store personal items (jackets/bags/etc.).  You will be asked to leave ALL extraneous items in personal storage.
  • OTE technicians will not allow loose items to be brought with you (i.e. phones, cameras, etc…) as they are a drop hazard.  There will be a volunteer attendant to assist and monitor personal items.
  • Rappellers will be taken to staging.  Rappellers will be led by their Building Escort to staging where they will put on their rappelling equipment with assistance from the OTE Tech and Ropes Volunteer.

Ground School:

During Ground School, Rappellers will learn about the safety system they will be clipped into for the rappel. They will learn how the devices work and practice using them.

The Rappel:

Once the OTE Tech has called you over, they, along with our Rippleffect Ropes volunteers will take care of all the safety measures to ensure an amazing rappel. Each rappel will vary in how long it will take, but it will take somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to reach the sidewalk below.

After The Rappel:

Rappellers will be greeted by friends and family who have been cheering them on! While this is a great opportunity for photographs, event volunteers at the bottom will encourage rappellers to move quickly out of the “Exclusion Zone” in order to take photographs and accept congratulations.

*It is important for each person who has just rappelled to take photographs/say hello to supporters quickly and return to the Staging area to return the equipment.

 Upon returning the rappelling gear to staging, each person can pick up their personal items.


Please do not wear jewelry that is loose (i.e. necklaces, long earrings, etc…) Pants: We recommend that you wear comfortable long pants (i.e. jeans/track pants) Shirt: It is May in Maine, be prepared for cooler temperatures. We will give you your Rappel For Rippleffect t-shirt at registration so you can wear it if you like! Footwear: Rubber soled shoes (sneakers).


This is a rain or shine event and only under severe weather conditions will Rappel For Rippleffect be postponed (Sunday May 20th is the postpone date). Rain does NOT impact the safety of the rappel. Over The Edge makes the ultimate decision on postponing the event.

Extra Clothes:

Because it is a rain or shine event, we recommend you bring a change of clothes (or have someone in the crowd hold a bag of extra clothes for you).


Rippleffect will have a volunteer taking photos of each person as they rappel over the edge. We will upload these photos and provide you with a link (no charge).

Go Pros:

If you plan to bring your own GoPro, you must: Notify Leland DeWalt at leland@rippleffect.net Be prepared to adhere to the GoPro mounting requirements. Be prepared to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than your stated registration time so we can assist in the mounting of your helmet at staging Rappeller.