Rappel for Rippleffect!


 I prefer to rappel in the morning
 I prefer to rappel in the afternoon



By registering for the Over The Edge, Rappel For Rippleffect event on May 17 and 18, 2019, I agree to raise the following Minimum Fundraising Clause: Because this is an exclusive event with limited rappelling spot, each individual participant must reach the minimum $500 to go Over the Edge. If the minimum is not reached by 14 days prior to event day, to secure your spot on the rope you must provide a credit card that will be charged the remaining balance if minimum is not achieved by event day. Each participant will have up to 30 days post event to reach the minimum $500 and the credit card charge (if applicable) will be refunded.  Alternative arrangements for those not reaching the $500 minimum, must be approved by Rippleffect.