HM Payson  Co.

Founded in 1854, H.M. Payson is one of the longest-standing independent investment firms in the United States. H.M. Payson is a SEC-registered Investment Advisor and Maine Chartered Trust Company, with our entire firm working on our clients' behalf. We are a true institution. We operate as a team, exploiting the breadth of knowledge and experience of all our employees, which allows us to wring out personal biases and create plans that best suit our clients' profiles. 


H.M. Payson is employee owned; these individuals are solely responsible for the strategic direction and management of the firm. There is no remote corporate office to answer to. We do not make loans, take deposits, offer mortgages, sell insurance or engage in investment banking activities. Our focus is investment research, portfolio management, trust and fiduciary services related to the financial well-being and prosperity of our clients.


For over 160 years, H.M. Payson has supported organizations and agencies in the communities we serve through gifts, capital campaigns and sponsorship’s. We do not consider these actions gifts. They are partnerships. But the truth is, anyone can write a check.

A real measure of our commitment is the active role so many of our employees take in the community. We do so freely and because we feel it’s an honor to be in a position to serve. In the end, ensuring the welfare of all is the best investment any of us can make.

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